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Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)


NEW BIOLINK — Hollow Fiber Membrane is out-in cross-flow filtration membrane, including ultrafiltration membrane and microfilteration membrane. The membrane material is polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), manufacturing by Thermal Induced Phase Separation (TIPS) process, with high excellent performance to resistance acid & alkali and oxidation, high mechanical strength, large flux, up to international top quality.


Membrane Advantages

High Intension

The advanced membrane formation technologies and unique module structures can provide superior filtration efficiency and durability which the tensile-strength of single membrane can reach 6N.

Good rigidity

The membrane is designed to run at pressure as low as 0.02MPa to produce enough water, which max TMP is higher than 2.5 bar and high compressible structure.

Excellent Tractility

The rate of membrane tractility is up to 300%, which membrane fiber avoids the phenomenon of rupture from the stretching.

High Crystallinity

The membrane is good at chemical resistance, mechanical strength and longer service life time comparing with domestic similar products.

Large Flux

The permeate flux is more than 1000LMH at 25棬0.1MPa.

Low Pressure Drop

The membrane can be easy to backwash due to its asymmetrical and gradually tightening structure.

Membrane Fiber Microscope Photo

Application Area:

Municipal sewage treatment and recycle

Domestic sewage treatment and recycle

Industrial wastewater treatment

Landfill leachate and farm wastewater treatment

Drinking water treatment


Type and Specification


MBR Flat Membrane


MBR Flat Membrane of NEW BIOLINK has multiple advantages of high strength, porosity and hydrophilia. With unique structure of MBR crack, reasonable design, well operation performance.

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